The Green Renewable Earth Energy Corporation

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The Green Renewable Earth Energy Corporation ( the-green-renewable-earth-energy-corporation )

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General Description Proposal The Green Renewable Earth Energy Corporation (GREEC) proposes 2 beta “proof of concept” demo sites: 1) Poultry litter (& “virgin” wood chip/litter) “fast pyrolysis” conversion to (a) HHO carbon neutral (b) burned on the spot via forced air waste oil burner (c) all nutrient encapsulate organic fertilizer (d) waste heat conversion to electricity via ORC mini generators & Cyclone waste heat engine (WHE) /generator (e) syngad microbe conversion to butanate/butanol/ethanol. 2) Residential beta demo site of integral Geo/Solar Thermal HVAC including hot water with ORC mini turbine electric generation (min 190Kw for residential). Demonstration shows how residents/small businesses get free utilities & generate revenue sell surplus (90-95%) back to grid. Function / How It Works PSC grants to GREEC would allow within 90 days (target is 30 days) demonstration to VIPs at beta demo site 1 location (Tim Norman's farm or Cambridge International, “fast pyrolysis conversion” of litter to (a) HHO (bio oil) (b)directly burned on location via forced air waste oil furnace (c) waste heat electric generation via cyclone waste heat generator (external combustion motor/”WHE”) & ORC mini turbine generator (d) organic all nutrient encapsulated fertilizer (e) microbe conversion of wild algae & reactor produced syngas to butanol, butanate & ethanol with char converted to animal feed & pyrolysis char(fertilizer) carbon neutral nitrogen additive for special crop application(s). In short, beta site 1 demos A-Z conversion of litter to HHO/organic fertilizer/waste heat conversion to electricity/microbe conversion as outlined. Site 2 is a complete demo of an integral residential geo/solar thermal HVAC w/ hot water & ORC (organic rankine cycle) electric

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The Green Renewable Earth Energy Corporation

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