Wotten Waven Geothermal Energy Project

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Wotten Waven Geothermal Energy Project ( wotten-waven-geothermal-energy-project )

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Overview: Wotten Waven Geothermal Energy Project Definition of Geothermal Energy Definition of Geothermal Energy Geothermal energy refers to the thermal energy contained in the Earth as well as a set of processes enabling the extraction and industrial recovery of this internal heat. This energy is present everywhere underground in every climate. High enthalpy geothermal energy, which is used to produce electricity, is usually located more than 1,000 metres underground. In Dominica, the temperature of the reservoirs is estimated at 260°C. Thanks to the high temperatures, it is possible to produce electricity through cogeneration (combined production of electricity using steam turbines and of heat through condensate vapour recovery). GEOTHERMAL POWER STATION IN WAIRAKEI, NEW ZEALAND THE ELECTRIC POWER STATION IN BOUILLANTE, GUADELOUPE HAS BEEN IN OPERATION FOR 20 YEARS. IT PRODUCES 7% OF THE ISLAND’S ELECTRICITY NEEDS. Sea water infiltration Rain water infiltration Fractured reservoir DIAGRAM OF THE WORKING OF GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Objectives of geothermal energy Objectives of geothermal energy Clean energy to serve sustainable development Geothermal energy produces little discharge. It is clean energy that does not contribute to climate deterioration and does not require transport or storage of polluting or hazardous substances. It is inexhaustible on a human scale. Local energy This energy is local. The required installations (production plants and pipelines) do not occupy a large area. Vapour plumes from the power plants are very visible from a distance. This energy does not depend on climatic conditions and is available 24 hours a day. A contribution to the energy independence of the islands through electric power production Geothermal energy is economical and innovative; it is one of the most cost-effective forms of renewable energy. It helps to achieve energy independence for electric power production. In volcanic islands such as Dominica, it can contribute to ensuring energy independence and eliminating the use of fossil fuels for electric power production. The Caribbean islands are now almost entirely dependent on fossil-based energy. Geothermal energy can serve many purposes: hot water production for bathing, heating and cooling homes and buildings, air conditioning and agricultural and industrial uses. Energy Review of Dominica Number of inhabitants (2006 data) 72,514 Number of households 28,388 Average household consumption Annual growth of electricity demand Peak power requirements in 2010 1,188 kWh Annual electric power consumption of all sectors 71,421 GWh 7.5% - 11% (DOMLEC 2008-2013) 15 MW Power supplied by the project Installed capacity /producible potential of the project: 120 MW/ 731 GWh 10 - 20 MW (with diesel power stations off) Coverage of electric power needs by the project in 2010 100% THE BACON-MANIITO THERMAL ENERGY FIELD AND THE MAYON VOLCANO IN THE PHILIPPINES

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