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Publication Name: Update on PW1000G first engines to test
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Volume 3 • Issue 3 • Dec. 2010

Update on PW1000G first engines to test

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Gear survives fan blade-out loads with excellent results

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New facilities open for PurePower engine testing

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PW1000G engine product card

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PurePower engines on the web





Pratt & Whitney Marketing & Communications Nathan Hicks •

PurePower engine family continues to expand

PW1000G engine to power aircraft from 70 seats to well beyond 200 seats

This month, Airbus selected the award- winning Pratt & Whitney geared turbofanTM engine as an ultra-efficient new engine op- tion (neo) for the A320neo aircraft family. This new option means that airlines and leasing companies around the world will now be able to choose PW1000G engine power, from 70-seat regional jets to 200- seat mid-range jets—and beyond. With this selection, the PW1000G engine family will become Pratt & Whitney’s highest-volume program since the JT8D.

The PW1100G engine program for the A320neo family will range from 24,000 to 33,000 pounds of thrust. It will feature an 81-inch fan diameter and 12:1 bypass ratio, delivering double-digit improvements in fuel efficiency and environmental emissions, as well as a 50% reduction in noise. It will em- ploy the same geared architecture which is now entering the engine testing and certification phase for the Mitsubishi Re- gional Jet and Bombardier CSeries aircraft families.

Pratt & Whitney’s family approach to our geared turbofan engines means that opera- tors can now rely on a common architecture throughout their fleet—not to mention the quietest, most fuel-efficient engines on the market. The PW1000G engine family is based on the scalable design of three sys- tems, which have already been proven in unprecedented rig, ground and flight testing:

• A high-efficiency, super-quiet, light- weight geared fan, driven by the highly durable Fan Drive Gear System (FDGS),

• A state-of-the-art, high-speed low- pressure system, where each module achieves higher efficiency, lower weight, and reduced part count, when compared to conventional engine design,

• The high-performance PurePower engine core, designed to meet the high-cycle demands of short-haul operators.

Airbus A320neo aircraft, powered by the PurePower PW1000G engine. Image © Airbus S.A.S. 2010 - computer rendering by Fixion - GWLNSD. Used with permission.

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 Supercritical Fluid Extraction Update on PW1000G first engines to test Page 001
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