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Turbomachinery Aerodynamics Prof. Bhaskar Roy

Prof. A M Pradeep Department of Aerospace Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Lecture No. # 37

Radial Turbine Characteristics And Design of Radial Turbines

We are talking about radial flow turbines. And, in today’s lecture, we will be looking at some of the issues related to the overall characteristics of radial flow turbine, and how, one goes about designing a radial flow turbine. Now, radial flow turbines, as you have done in the last few lectures and we have solved some problems also. It has given you an idea that radial flow turbine is a robust machine like centrifugal compressor, but it has a few limitations of its own.

And, one of the things is that, its ability to produce work is not substantially more than axial flow turbine, as it was; for example, in case of centrifugal compressor, which had an ability to produce work per unit mass flow is substantially more than axial flow compressors. So, the difference between radial flow turbine and axial flow turbine is not as much as, it was between axial flow turbine and centrifugal compressor.

Now, radial flow turbine as you have seen is somewhat, you know, it look like and its flow is inverse that of a centrifugal flow compressor. And, in some books indeed, it is also referred to as centrifugal turbine. But, most people prefer to call it radial turbine. And, the one that we are looking at very closely is radial inflow turbine because there have been few radial outflow turbines that have been designed and have been worked really speaking. But, radial inflow turbine is, as been done in the last lectures is a substantially superior machine, it has ability to produce more work per unit mass flow. And, of course it lends itself to very high temperature and very fast motion or movement of flow of gas through the machine, as it is normally done in gas turbine engines that are used in land based or aeronautical applications. So, many of these issues put together for

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 Supercritical Fluid Extraction Turbomachinery Aerodynamics Prof. Bhaskar Roy 37 Page 001
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