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Publication Name: Turbomachinery Aerodyanmics Prof. Bhaskar Roy
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Turbomachinery Aerodyanmics Prof. Bhaskar Roy

Prof. A M Pradeep Department of Aerospace Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Lecture No. # 36 Turotial 6: Radial Turbines

Hello and welcome to lecture number 36, of this lecture series on Turbo-machinery Aerodynamics. In the last class we had introduced a very new topic, which is quite different from what we have discussed in some sense. That is, on radial flow turbines. Of course, we have already discussed its counterpart centrifugal compressor. But, in the context of turbines, radial flow turbines operate in a quite different manner as compared to the axial flow turbines.

So, last lecture was exclusively devoted towards understanding of radial flow turbines, the basic working of radial flow turbines and the thermodynamics of radial flow turbines. That is, as the flow passes through radial flow turbine, what in a Thermodynamics sense happens to the flow, as it passes through the different components of the turbine? We have discussed different types of radial flow turbines, which are possible. The two broad classes are the outward flow radial turbines and the inward flow radial turbines. We have seen that though the development, the original development of radial flow turbines was in the outflow mode, very soon it was realized that the inflow mode or the inflow radial flow turbine is a much more efficient way of managing the flow, and achieving work output than the outflow type of turbine.

So, majority of the turbines, which are being used currently are inward flow radial turbines. The radial turbines as a concept, was originally developed towards meeting the hydraulic power requirement, that is, to convert hydraulic power into work output. And then, that continued for a very long time. In fact, it even continues till date. And, the hydroelectric power plants that we are aware of use one or more types of radial flow turbines. Of course, some of them also have axial flow types, but apparently radial flow turbines are very commonly used. And, the use of radial flow turbines for gas turbines

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