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Publication Name: Transforming Waste Heat to Power through Development of a CO2 - Based Power Cycle 2011 Echogen AEP
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Edward Zdankiewicz is a Lead Engineer for Echogen Power Systems. He has been involved with all aspects in the development of the Echogen power generation technology since 2007. Mr. Zdankiewicz has over 30 years experience in product and business development for process systems equipment and controls for international markets involved in regenerative power generation, water reclamation, environmental monitoring and control.

David Klapp is a Research Engineer at the American Electric Power’s Dolan Technology Center since 2004. He is also Test Site Manager for the AEP Walnut Test Facility. Mr. Klapp’s research work includes testing and failure analysis of utility system components and development of power electronics systems for distributed grid applications. Prior to AEP, Mr. Klapp conducted research on composite insulators and the detection of dielectric breakdown in power electronics systems at the Clarkson High Voltage Lab, Clarkson University.


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 Supercritical Fluid Extraction Transforming Waste Heat to Power through Development of a CO2 - Based Power Cycle 2011 Echogen AEP Page 009
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