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Green Cementech 2010 H yd er ab ad

PWPS Organic Rankine Cycle Technology

Venkataramana Muvvala Area Director

Pratt&Whitney Power Systems Email: Mobile +91 9971177564

May 13,2010

Organic Rankine Cycle Technology

Similar tothe steam rankine cycle

Heat In – Power Out

H ot r esour ce

* 9 1 o C – 14 9 o C


Organic Rankine Cycle Technology

Significant adv antages

O Organic R Rankine C Cyc l e


• Simple start-stop procedures

• Automatic, unattended operation

• Quietrunning

• HighAvailability (>98% proven)

• Tur n-down to 10% of nominal power • Good efficiency at partialload

• Longlife

• Highefficiency with low /moderate


• NoBFwater treatment! • MinimumO&M

• • • •

• •


Highcycle efficiency Highturbine efficiency (~ 85%) Lowmechanicalstressturbine

LowturbineRPMallowdirectdrive generator (no gearbox)

Noblade erosion(no liquid particles) Nooxidation(m etalfriendly workingfluid)


United Technologies Corporation

$59.8 Bn in 2008 sales 62% revenues outside US

Pratt & Whitney

UTC Power



Hamilton Sundstrand

UTC Fire & Security

180 countries 225,000 employees




In the industrial aero-derivative gas turbines busni ess since 1960

IGT After m a r k e t

Developed Hi-tech repair business for large heavy duty

gas turbines in 2001

Mobile P o w e r

Developed Power on wheels solution in 2004

Heat to E l e c t r i ci t y

Expands into Renewable energy in 2009 and acquired Turboden


Turboden – ORC Leader in Europe

• Turbodendesigns and manufactures O r g an i c R a n ki n e Cycle (ORC)

p r o d u ct s

• 30yearsofORC exp eri en ce

• Standardsizesfrom 500 kW to 6MW

• Customizedto10 MW

• Manyrenewable

sources apart from wasteheat

• More than 110unitsarein operation and about 30 u n i t s a r e o n o r d e r.


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