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Publication Name: Organic Rankine Cycle for Small Scale Solar Power Generation
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SkyFuel White Paper

Organic Rankine Cycle for Small Scale Solar Power Generation

Solar Field

Electric Power Output

Hot Thermal Fluid

Optional Thermal Storage or





Optional Heat Recovery from ORC Condenser

Cold Thermal Fluid

Organic Rankine Cycle With Solar Thermal Source

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) uses the same thermodynamic processes as a steam turbine to convert thermal energy into electricity via a generator.

A heat transfer uid (HTF) is circulated through the solar eld, where it is heated to the desired inlet temperature of the ORC system. The ORC’s evaporator vaporizes an organic uid at lower temperatures and pressures than that of a steam turbine.

The characteristics of the ORC make it an ideal energy conversion system for smaller scale concentrating solar power systems.


• ORC turbine is delivered as a pre-engineered, skid-mounted, packaged power plant.

• Packaged units are produced in quantity, lowering unit cost for engineering and manufacturing.

• Pre-engineered units are delivered faster, shortening construction schedule.

• ORC plant is fully automated for unmanned operation.

• Heat is easily extracted from the condenser,

making the ORC turbine ideal for combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

• ORC has a higher cycle ef ciency at 150 to 350 oC than a steam cycle.

Nameplate Capacity

ORC turbines are most economical in the range 500kW to 10MW electric output – a good match for industrial applica- tions, particularly when heat is also used at the same loca- tion. ORC turbines are available as packaged units, both with and without a thermal output option.

As an example, a 10MWe combined heat and power (CHP) unit requires a thermal input of 40 MW and delivers 30 MW of thermal power from the ORC condenser for Industrial Pro- cess Heat (IPH) applications.

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