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Organic Rankine Cycle and Proprietary Technology

Service Portfolio

 Asset management including; generator pre- planned maintenance services, generator hire, load bank testing & 24 hour emergency call out

 Design & build of bespoke power generation solutions for oil & gas, industrial and marine applications

 Design & build of explosion protection systems

 Diesel engine installation, overhaul, maintenance and repair services

 Diesel fuel sampling, testing & polishing service

 Engine control solutions, including electronic & hydraulic governors overhaul and repair

 Offshore power generation rental

 Supply, installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power systems (UPS)

 Supply, installation and maintenance of low emission microturbines for prime power and or CHP applications

Turner EPS are distributors for ElectraTherm’s Green Machine 4000 series, a product that produces power from low grade heat using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technology.

The Green Machine converts low temperature water flows (between 170°F/77°C and 240°F/116°C) into fuel-free, emission free power. The output range is from 20-65kWe, based on temperatures and flows. The Green Machine has low input requirements for its hot water supply relative to other ORC systems. The machine’s ability to utilize these low temperature water flows allows its implementation in a rapidly expanding a number of distributed heat to power applications. The small footprint, skid- mounted design facilitates ease of installation often where current methodologies for heat to power solutions are not feasible.

The Power Block

The proven patented twin screw expander enables its heat-to-power generating system to make electricity from waste heat instead of fossil fuel. Small and robust, this clean technology can operate with cold water or air condensing to provide reliable power output.

The twin screw expander offers distinct advantages for small-scale ORCs. These advantages include simple design, low speed operation, 3:1 turn down ratio, no gearbox or oil pump, zero emissions, attractive paypack and proven technology.

Contact us at; Turner EPS Ltd, 65 Craigton Road, Glasgow G51 3EQ Tel: +44 (0) 141 440 0666 Email:

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