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More power with Organic Rankine Cycle

The industrial sector in Singapore is the largest energy consumer, accounting for nearly half of the nation’s energy consumption. Over the years, the amount of energy consumed by this sector has grown, and growth is expected to continue as the world recovers from its economic slump[1].

The high energy consumption by the industrial sector presents a considerable potential for energy saving initiatives. In industrial processes with extensive use of heating, drying, evaporating, or others, the application of heat recovery techniques can offer opportunity to reduce energy consumption, running costs, and greenhouse gases emissions.

One of the most useful technologies in recovering waste heat is the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), which has found widespread adoption in Europe due to the high energy tariff there. Application of ORC could be a source of opportunity for industries in Singapore to save energy cost and increase the energy efficiency of their operation.

What is the Organic Rankine Cycle?

ORC is a modification of the traditional steam Rankine cycle. The workings of ORC and steam Rankine cycle is indistinguishable, comprising of a four-stage heat engine thermodynamic cycle; the difference being the replacement of water as the working fluid in the steam Rankine cycle with an organic refrigerant in ORC. Here, organic means compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Figure 1: Schematic of the Organic Rankine Cycle

In ORC, an organic working fluid is first pumped from a lower pressure to a higher pressure. Then the high pressure fluid enters a heat source where it is heated at a constant pressure until it becomes a dry saturated vapour. Next, this vapour expands through a turbine where

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