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Publication Name: MODEL 280v PureCycle UTC Carrier
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MODEL 280v PureCycle UTC Carrier




Electric power (gross) Electric power (net) Voltage

Ambient operation Power factor

280 kW

225 to 250 kW*

480V/3 phase/60 Hz

-22° to 122°F (-30° to 50°C) Greater than 0.95 lagging Less than 5%

Zero (closed binary cycle) 78 dBA at 33 ft (10m)

Working fluid

Heat source Cooling requirement Controls

Remote monitoring Operation Enclosure Manufacture Shipping

R245fa (Pentafluoropropane)**

Hot water 195° to 300°F (91° to 149°C) Water 40° to 110°F (4° to 43°C)

Carrier Netlink II PLC

Web-based gateway

Designed for unattended operation

Not required

Factory assembled

Single drop flatbed truck

Total harmonic distortion Emissions


Design Attributes




Heat exchangers Enclosure; electrical Design life Lubrication

ASME B31.1 Radial inflow Induction


UL components

Transient voltage/surge suppression at utility interface Utility grid-connect

protective relaying function

20 years

Integrated internal oil lubrication UL 1995, 984, and 1741


Emission-free energy from a renewable resource:

PureCycle® System

Introducing the PureCycle® Model 280 Energy Solution.

UTC Power is a world leader in developing and producing energy solutions for on-site power, transportation, space and defense applications. We are committed to providing high-quality solutions for the distributed energy market that increase energy productivity, energy reliability and operational savings for our customers. With a technology built on decades of United Technologies Corporation’s innovation and operating experience, UTC Power is pleased to introduce the PureCycle® Model 280 advanced power solution to the commercial marketplace.

The PureCycle® Model 280 energy solution harnesses the Earth’s own heat to power a turbine, turning a renewable resource into 280 kW of electrical power with zero emissions. This modular energy solution can operate on a wide range of fluid resource temperatures starting as low as 195°F (91°C). Based on a thermodynamic cycle known as the organic Rankine cycle, the PureCycle® power system converts low to moderate temperature resource fluids to electric power through the vaporization and expansion of a working fluid in a closed system. This energy solution offers expanded bottoming opportunities and can operate in co-produced fluid applications. In the ultimate recycling loop, all water extracted for power is returned to the Earth for reheating and reuse. Such dependable, renewable fuel means secure base load energy production and freedom from reliance on oil, natural gas, high wind and sunny weather, without sacrifice of precious water resources.

Sustainability makes good economic sense. And it’s achievable today with the PureCyle® Model 280 energy solution.

Performance Characteristics

System Description


IEEE C 62.41-1980 (R1995) IEEE 1547

* Resource water and cooling water dependent. ** R245fa is a non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-ozone-depleting working fluid.

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