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Publication Name: Heat Power Dreyer & Bosse CHP power unit with an Internal Combustion on Engine
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Heat-to-Power Applica on using a Dreyer & Bosse CHP power unit with an Internal Combus on Engine

Success Story

July 2013

Picture: ORC Machine in Trechwitz - ElectraTherm

Results of the project


 Lower electric energy process

 Higher e ciency

 Increase power output Socio-environmental:

 Renewable electricity or heat supply


ElectraTherm, Inc.

Loca on of the project :

Trechwitz, Germany

Contact details:

Celeste Dodge Erlach +1 775 398-4680

Project outline

In a sustainable management of a biogas plant and the corresponding CHP unit it is crucial to keep the energy e ciency at high level and to use all the produced heat and power. While electricity can be sent to whatever place connected to the grid, heat transmission if feasible only for short distances. For this reason, nding a relevant heat receiver can make some di cul es to plant operator. One of the not yet common solu ons is installa on of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) machine, which converts unused heat into power.

Before 2012 Timo Wessels, operator the biogas plant in Trechwitz, was releasing heat from CHP into the atmosphere. To change that behavior he installed the ORC machine from ElectraTherm.

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 Supercritical Fluid Extraction Heat Power Dreyer & Bosse CHP power unit with an Internal Combustion on Engine Page 001
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