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Publication Name: Green Machine uses a closed-loop Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to create pressure by boiling a working fluid into a gas
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ElectraTherm, Inc.

In an industry and nation dominated by the “bigger is better” mentality, one company is proving that less really is more.

ElectraTherm, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Reno, Nevada. ElectraTherm’s ‘Green Machine’ produces clean energy from low temperature heat sources (190-240°F). Despite concerns of a downward economy and recent negative press around green jobs, ElectraTherm boasts promising growth and progress in the renewable energy industry.

In 2010, ElectraTherm moved its headquarters to a 53,000 sq. foot facility with an advanced new test cell and completed a full-scale design turn. ElectraTherm currently employs 47, 17 of which have been hired since January 2011 (36% growth in the past nine months).

ElectraTherm’s Green Machines are small, modular and utilize low temperature waste heat as its fuel source to generate fuel-free, emission free power. The Green Machine uses a closed-loop Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to create pressure by boiling a working fluid into a gas. The gas expands and turns a twin screw expander, the power

block, which drives a generator to produce electricity. ElectraTherm combines traditional components with patented technology to create electricity from waste heat.

Small-scale distributed power generation has numerous advantages that will make it a strategic market driver in the US and internationally. ElectraTherm’s distributed power generation uses low-grade waste previously unobtainable by other technologies. The small footprint of one Green Machine can produce up to 65kW, which is enough to power approx. 30-40 homes. Small-scale power generation also enables the capture of low grade small heat streams in many types of applications.

The primary target market is waste heat from stationary reciprocating engines. Typical sites include: gas compression stations, landfill gas, renewable biofuels and general power production in remote areas. ElectraTherm’s products are also applicable to many alternative energy

systems, particularly biomass, geothermal, oil & gas co-produced fluids, and solar thermal.

ElectraTherm has 13 operational machines, with 10 more planned shipments in the next four months. ElectraTherm installations can be found in North America, Italy, Austria and Turkey. To date, Green Machines in the field have generated more than 13,000 hours of runtime.

ElectraTherm is proud of its recent achievements. In April 2011, President Obama visited ElectraTherm to host a town hall meeting. The President spoke to the audience of 425 - which included ElectraTherm employees - for more than an hour; his only Reno stop since the presidential election.

In October 2010, ElectraTherm was awarded approx. $1 Million from the Department of Energy to optimize technology for geothermal applications, including oil & gas wells. That funding was used to design a product specific for the oil and gas industry and the first unit is currently operating on 204°F co-produced fluids on a well in Mississippi. ElectraTherm has received accolades from the following organizations: National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Department of Defense, the Wall Street Journal Innovation Awards and Popular Science.

The Green Machine is easily transported and installed with a footprint of 6.5 x 8 x 7.5 feet, ~7,000 lbs.

“When you’re talking about waste heat, every business, every industry, is generating some sort of energy byproduct, some sort of heat; it’s going up in smoke stacks and nobody is using it. And the question is, can we capture that energy and use it in a smart way? That’s what ElectraTherm is all about.”

– President Obama, April 21, 2011

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