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Publication Name: Axial Flow and Radial Flow Gas Turbines 2003
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Axial Flow and Radial Flow Gas Turbines


The axial flow gas turbine is used in almost all applications of gas turbine power plant. Development of the axial flow gas turbine was hindered by the need to obtain both a high-enough flow rate and compression ratio from a compressor to maintain the air requirement for the combustion process and subsequent expansion of the exhaust gases. There are two basic types of turbines: the axial flow type and the radial or centrifugal flow type. The axial flow type has been used exclusively in aircraft gas turbine engines to date and will be discussed in detail in this chapter. Axial flow turbines are also normally employed in industrial and shipboard applications. Figure 7.1 shows a rotating assembly of the Rolls- Royce Nene engine, showing a typical single-stage turbine installation. On this particular engine, the single-stage turbine is directly connected to the main and cooling compressors. The axial flow turbine consists of one or more stages located immediately to the rear of the engine combustion chamber. The turbine extracts kinetic energy from the expanding gases as the gases come from the burner, converting this kinetic energy into shaft power to drive the compressor and the engine accessories. The turbines can be classified as (1) impulse and (2) reaction. In the impulse turbine, the gases will be expanded in the nozzle and passed over to the moving blades. The moving blades convert this kinetic energy into mechanical energy and also direct the gas flow to the next stage

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