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Organic Rankine Cycle

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Air conditioning

architecture, cool homes in arid climates, 40-24

cool towers, evaporative cooling in arid climates, 41-38

Alternative Fuels

see "Hydrogen" & "Transportation"

see "Hydrogen", "Methane", "Vegetable Oil", "Wood gasification"


basics, how they work, 20-10

book reviews, The Homebuilt Dynamo, 32-86

Homebrew, 12 VDC engine/generator w/ field controller, 2-23 Homebrew, 12 VDC engine/generator w/field controller, updated, 42-28 Homebrew, 24 Volt Mark VI, 22-73

wind, generators, rewinding, 19-24


see "Instrumentation"

Ampere-hour meters

see "Instrumentation"


12 volt stereo (DC), Q&A, 60-106

Asko dish washer, Home & Heart, 52-94

Asko dish washer, part 2, Home & Heart, 53-78

bread machine, Home & Heart, 58-90

electric heater, Thermal Art (TtW!), 54-71

Load analysis, for system design, 58-38

phantom loads, Homebrew, detecting & eliminating , 55-36 Staber washer and Frigidaire dryer, Home & Heart, 75-134 thermo-electric wood stove fan, Home & Heart, 76-134

UL listings, appliances, system components, etc., 56-82


E-build CD-ROM, green building, Media Review, 72-126

The $50 & Up Underground House Book Book Review, 74-134 The Rammed Earth House, Book Review, 73-122

adobe and PV, in CA, 61-12

adobe, in southern CA, 61-6

air collector, passive batch water heater, methane gas, 17-19 air conditioning, cool homes in arid climates, 40-24

alternative building techniques, Home & Heart, 54-89

Ariesun, solar powered house, 11-32

batteries, building a clean, safe, warm, battery enclosure, 41-70 book reviews, Adobe Journal magazine (letters), 43-100

book reviews, design, Box Beam Sourcebook, 43-86

book reviews, Resource Efficient Housing: Directory, 26-77

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