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Organic Rankine Cycle

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Some of Life’s Easy Choices:

There are enough tough ones. We’d like you to make a couple of simple — but necessary — choices for your energy system. Ready?





Choice #1

There’s a reason why they’re called idiot lights. They will only tell you one thing for sure about a battery: Whether there is enough voltage to turn the idiot light on. No light means either the battery is dead or a wire is broken or the idiot light is burned out or ....

On the other hand, a precision scientific instrument, like Cruising Equipment’s Amp-Hours+ series of meters reports how many Amp-Hours have been consumed, precise battery voltage and battery current. Not to mention enough computer horse power to learn your battery’s efficiency, drive the Ideal Regulator and much more...

Amp-Hours+ or Heart Interface Link 2000 meters tell you the whole story. A light doesn’t.

Choice #2

In many parts of the world, people turn on a light switch and nothing happens. The power is off, the voltage is low, power lines are down or not available, and repairs could be hours or months away.

Fortunately, there is an alternative: Clean, reliable, AC power from Heart Interface. Powered by a bank of batteries, charged from the grid when available and by wind, solar, and even low head hydro when it’s not.

Whether you need silent reliable AC power from your inverter in Indonesia, the mountains of Malaysia, aboard your motor home in the mountains of Montana, or to run a blender on a boat in the Bay of Biscayne, Heart Interface has competitively priced solutions in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Idiot Light

Precision Scientific Instrument

Blackouts, Brownouts, Darkness

Silent, Reliable AC Power

Think of us as your partners in the power business.

Inverters by 21440 68th Ave. So. Kent, WA 98032 (206) 872-7225 Instruments by Cruising Equipment Co. 6315 Seaview Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 782-8100

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