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Me and

My EV Laurie Stone

©1995 Laurie Stone

Top: Laurie Stone plugs her electric Voltsrabbit into the sun instead of the gas pump. Photo by Carol Craven

Above: Mike Brown of Electro Automotive supervises inserting the electric motor into the the space where this VW’s gasoline engine used to be.

have always been adamant Iabout not owning a car. I hated the thought of having to buy gasoline for a personal vehicle. I

felt I could get anywhere on my bicycle or by public transportation. I remember as a child, being fascinated with solar energy. I said “I’m never going to own a car unless I can have a solar car.” My family thought I was nuts.

The EV Decision

Well, as I got older, reality struck. Sure, I could still get places on my bicycle, but the small mountain town in which I live made the winters tough. Public transportation never seemed to go or come when I needed it. Living in a small town forced me to travel to other towns in our valley for essential items. My laundry also seemed to be growing (more clothes as I got older, or just larger clothes, I’m not sure) making trips to the laundromat on my bicycle a difficult task. I felt like maybe it was time to mellow out on my idealistic purism and get a car. However, I was still adamant about not owning a conventional gasoline car. I wanted an electric car.

At Solar Energy International (SEI), where I work, we all liked the idea of doing an Electric Vehicle Conversion Workshop. Here was my chance to not only own an electric car, but actually participate in building it. We invited Mike Brown and Shari Prange from Electro Automotive to be the guest instructors for the workshop. They have been converting cars to electric power for 15 years.

I was excited about the prospect of having an electric car, but I definitely had my reservations.

42 Home Power #45 • February / March 1995

Image | Me and My EV

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