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Organic Rankine Cycle

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Home Power, Index by Subject Issues #43-60

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digital multimeter, buying and using, 60-42


12 volt stereo (DC), Q&A, 60-106

Asko dish washer, Home & Heart, 52-94

Asko dish washer, part 2, Home & Heart, 53-78

bread machine, Home & Heart, 58-90

electric heater, Thermal Art (TtW!), 54-71

Load analysis, for system design, 58-38

phantom loads, Homebrew, detecting & eliminating , 55-36 UL listings, appliances, system components, etc., 56-82


alternative building techniques, Home & Heart, 54-89

book reviews, Adobe Journal magazine (letters), 43-100

book reviews, design, Box Beam Sourcebook, 43-86

efficiency, mass, insulation, sources, etc., Gimme Shelter, 46-37 mud rooms, Home & Heart, 55-92

passive solar, home in northern CA, with PV, 60-6

passive solar, sun room add-on, Sexton, 53-16

straw bale, basics, overview, examples, sources, 46-44

straw bale, in MN (photos, letter), 47-101

strawbale construction, renewable energy sabbatical, 60-50 vapor barriers, specs for efficient home, sources, 46-37


efficiency, conventional power plants, RE, 45-62

photovoltaics, energy payback time of cell manufacture, 43-73 wind, resource across the US, map, table and references, 44-30


basics/historical, advent of the sealed nickel cadmium cell, 52-34 care, & feeding, 58-66

cell rotation, Q&A, 60-106

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