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Gearing up for a new supercritical C02 power cycle system

Toshiba has alm(Jst detailed design in preparation for a turbine tha/wzliuse·i/arbo,n dioxide as the workingfluid.

. ... ' ':· :,..•·:.;::·

. .. .: The case for bu ildirig new :

tired plants or back-fitting exist- ing coal plants w'iih carbon capture technology is unattract- ive. The case for equipping gas-fired plants with carbon capture and stor- age (CCS) is even more ditTicult to


High capital cost, combined with

the penalty in efficiency that the capture process places on the power plant, has so far proved to be a ma- jor stumbling block in the commer- cial deployment of power plants with CCS.

A solution that has been under seri- ous development for the last 5 or 6 years, however, has now reached the stage where the key component - a new type of turbine and combustor- is close to the start of manufacturing.

The turbine and combustor being designed and built by Toshiba, essen- tially combine gas turbine and steam turbine teclmologies, with the poten- tial to deliver a power plant with:

• Efficiency of about 59% (LHV) when nmning on natural gas

• Efficiency of 51-52% (LHV) when running on gasified coal (syngas)

• Full 100% carbon capture at 300 bar without any efficiency penalty.

Since 2012, Toshiba has been devel- oping a new turbine and combustor

for the new C0

with NET Power, CB&I, Exelon and 8 Rivers Capital. The five companies have now completed major agree- ments to build a 25MW gross elec-

By Junior Isles

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power cycle together

14 GAS TURBINE WORLD November· December 2014

demonstration Through the successful completion

of operating tests, the demonstration plant is intended to provide the basis for construction of the first 295MWe full-scale commercial plant.

col power cycle

NET Power LLC was formed almost

six years ago by 8 Rivers Capital, a

technology commercialization firm

based in North Carolina (and inventor

of the supercritical C0 power cycle) 2

with a clear and different approach to tackling the problem of burning fossil fuels more cleanly.

Instead of trying to "fix" super- critical coal, IGGC (integrated gasifi-

tric (50MWt)



cation combined cycle) or natural gas combined cycle power plants, 8 Riv- ers looked at designing a fossil based system from scratch that achieves the desired end result. The cycle produces pipeline-ready C02 and no air emis- sions without reducing plant efficien- cy or increasing costs.

In 2009 Rodney Allam, a former head of technology development at Air Products, joined the company to work on a new thermodynamic cycle so all the emissions are controlled from the outset.

Process description

The cycle is not a combined cycle. Instead, it exploits the special thermo- dynamic properties of carbon dioxide


25MWe Demo Plant. Design features a single can-type combustor and double-shell turbine structure, scaled-down model of a 250·300MWe turbine design for a commercial plant.

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