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Above: John and Susan Davenport’s Wisconsin home stays snug and warm during the coldest winter. This home uses active-solar hydronic heating and a wood-fired masonry heater. Energy efficient building design keeps the heat inside the building. Photo by John Davenport

Gimme Shelter

Mark Klein, James McKnight, Ray Reser, and Dave Shantz

©1995 Mark Klein We design and build long lasting

buildings which are easy to

heat and cool. In central Wisconsin, we have an annual 8000

degree day climate. We’ll sometimes see -40°F, but 10–20°F are typical lows. In this climate it’s challenging to capture and store heat. Our buildings reduce interior temperature changes, and use daylight to create a comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Most of our projects have involved reworking existing building plans to improve thermal performance. We use many techniques for winter heating and summer cooling. The techniques are:

• Strapped-wall frame construction

• Continuous integrated vapor barriers

• Blown-in blanket fiberglass side-wall insulation • Blown-in cellulose attic insulation

• Radon mitigation

• Air-to-air heat exchangers

• High performance windows

• Window quilts

• Whole house cooling fans

• Passive design strategies

In the fall of 1993, we were approached by John and Susan Davenport. They wanted an active solar space heating system for their new home. We’d been considering active systems based on the performance of several homes owned by our crew members.

Two members of our construction crew had been coming to work that fall reporting the success of their active solar hydronic systems. This caused some envy and admiration among the rest of the crew.

Every morning it would be, “Had a fire yet, Dave?”


This went on for a month or so before Dave had his first fire. The end result of his test year showed a 50%

Energy Efficient Building

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