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Cruising Equipment Co.




World Leader in Back Up Power

Heart Interface pioneered the ultra-high efficiency power inverter and now offers worldwide distribution of a complete line of inverters and inverter/chargers. Most models are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

* Models from 600–2500 watts

* Charging Rates from 25–130 amps

* Full line of 230 volt, 50 HZ Models Available

* Phase Synchronized Transfer Switching

* 12 Models with UL Listing for Residential Solar * High Efficiency Throughout Power Range

Heart Interface’s modern 72,000 sq. ft. facility features complete transformer and circuit board manufacturing capabilities as well as fully integrated assembly lines and automated test center. All Heart inverters are backed by its industry leading 30 month warranty and unparalleled customer support.

21440 68th Ave. So. Kent, WA 98032 Phone (800) 446-6180 or (206) 872-7225 FAX (206) 872-3412

“World Leader in

State of Charge Instrumentation”TM

Cruising Equipment proudly introduces the E-Meter the smallest, most powerful, and easiest to use battery state of charge instrument ever created! Look at these features!

• Digital Display:

V olts, Amps charging or consumption, Amp-Hours consumed, and Time Remaining. Time remaining based on your choice of present consumption, average consumption during the last 6 minutes, 30 minutes, or the last 24 hours.

• Graphical Display:

Four multi color LEDs for “at a glance” battery capacity remaining. Indication of low battery and that the battery has reached the charged parameters.

• Historical Data:

DATA mode displays four critical battery performance indicators; Charging Efficiency, Number of Cycles, Average Depth of Discharge, and Deepest Discharge.

• Powerful Options:

RS-232 output for computer interface. Relay output for charge control or automatic generator starting. Temperature sensing for battery capacity compensation.

• Versatile:

One model fits all! All important variables adjustable from front panel. Mounts is standard 2” dia. hole. Only 2.7” deep. Power supply 8 to 40 Volts. Voltage range 0–50V or 0–500V selectable from front panel.

Cruising Equipment Co.

6315 Seaview Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107 FAX (206) 782-4336 Phone (206) 782-8100

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