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Cruising Equipment

5245 Shilshole Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107 206-782-8100 Fax 206-782-4336

To: Warren Stokes, President, Heart Interface From: Rick Proctor, President

Key Words: Intellectual Property


The patent party for the Link 2000 was great fun. You know patent law was created to benefit the public. In trade for a 20 year monopoly the inventor must tell everyone how to make his invention. I think we should stress to our people, our customers, and our competitors how important we consider these patents. When you look at, or use, the Link 2000 or the E-Meter it is obvious that we have done original and creative work. Our patents detail how “a person skilled in the art” would make these devices.

Our patent on the Link 2000 protects the high level of integration of inverter/charger, alternator, and battery state-of-charge instrumentation. We believe that any battery monitoring device that also controls inverter/chargers and/or alternators will infringe that patent, or its continuation.

The E-Meter has had two patents pending and the patent office has recently notified us of issuance on both. One is for the device, including our work on “learning” the charging efficiency, and the way we apply Peukert’s equation. The other is on the enclosure, with specific protection for the ratchet ring attachment method. We plan to have a very special party for this very successful product.

It is important the we protect our patent rights so that our company can continue to prosper and grow, and create new products. I am proud that our company has been able to help thousands of people better understand and use the precious energy they collect with renewable energy systems. It is very exciting to participate in the emerging Electric Vehicles industry, you know we have instrumented over 1,000 EVs. This kind of ground breaking work is only possible through the hard work of our engineering team. Their work deserves our respect and the protection of our patents.

Rick Proctor

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