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Organic Rankine Cycle

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Cogeneration with ORC at Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi EAF Shop

Bause T.1, Campana F.2, Filippini L.3, Foresti A.2, Monti N.4, Pelz T.1

1Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH

Gröbaer Straße 3, Riesa, Saxony, Germany, 01591 Phone: +49 3525 749 2488

Email: /

2Turboden S.r.l.

Via Cernaia 10, Brescia, BS, Italy, 25124

Phone: +39 030 3552001

Email: /

3General Engineering S.r.l.

Piazza Europa 9, Mairano, BS, Italy, 25030 Phone: +39 348 9336981


4Tenova S.p.A.

Via Monte Rosa, 93, Milan, Italy, 20149 Phone: +39 02 43847957


Keywords: ORC, Organic Rankine Cycle, WHR, Waste Heat Recovery, EAF, CO2 reduction


Reducing energy consumption has been a constant concern of steelmakers over the years; making one ton of steel today uses about one half of the energy used in the 1970s [4]. These efforts must continue as further reductions are required in the steel industry as well as in other energy intensive sectors to minimize costs and to respect policies on greenhouse gas emissions. This is a major challenge to meet, particularly in Europe, where the price of energy is high, CO2 reduction targets have been set by the EU and the steel industry is still suffering the impact of the economic crisis.

In electric steelmaking, which is gaining a growing percentage of world steel production, process optimization and control technologies and best practices ever more shared by EAF operators have allowed to raise substantially the benchmark productivity and energy efficiency of scrap based minimills. In this area, a further energy efficiency improvement seldom considered due to the perceived complexity of the application, is the re-use of the waste heat from the EAF exhaust gas for power production.

The challenging conditions of EAF scrap melting (a batch process with extremely variable off-gas flow in a harsh environment) require robust, flexible and automatic systems capable to recover the off-gas heat and to convert it to power leaving the EAF operator concentrated on its main job. One key component which can fully meet the required duty is an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) power unit coupled with reliable primary heat capture equipment. ORC power units have demonstrated their unique properties in hundreds biomass based power plants and in waste heat recovery in cement, glass or downstream of gas turbines and large reciprocating engines. Key advantages of ORC systems are high reliability, ease of operation, good efficiency, low O&M costs.

The following is an example of a new heat recovery system from EAF off-gas with ORC power production recently installed by Elbe- Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH (ESF) in Riesa, Germany.


Riesa steel history and Feralpi Group

Steel production started in Riesa in 1843 and continued during all the following years, while Germany and Europe went through many different events, including two wars.

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