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Used ARCO M51 40 Watt Solar Modules

We have a limited supply of M51 modules from a Washington state utility company. These modules are in great shape for their age, which is 10 years old, but that’s to be expected, because everyone knows that there is no sun in Washington. The plastic layer behind the cells is slightly yellowed, but they look perfect otherwise. They have 36 four inch diameter round cells and a nifty twist-off junction box cover on the back. They are rated at 2.4 amps at 16.5 volts and they are 1 foot wide by 4 feet long. If you buy 10 modules, we will throw in an anodized aluminum ground mount that holds 10 of these gems. The mount alone is worth over $300. Our supply is limited, so hurry.

11-801 M51 40 Watt Module $200.

Freight in the U.S. is only $12, no matter how many modules you buy.

SHURflo’s NEW Submersible Pump

This new pump delivers 1 gallon per minute to elevations as high as 230 feet. It will operate on two 50 watt solar modules and it is easily repaired in the field.

This new SHURflo submersible pump can be operated on a 12 or 24 volt battery system, or directly from solar modules by using a linear current booster. It will fit into 4” or larger well casings, and it can run dry without damage.

75-605 SHURflo 9300 Pump $595 Sale price through September 30, 1993

Pump Water With Water Power

If you have flowing water and you want to pump water talk to us about the Highlifter, the SlingPump and Hydraulic Rams.

The SlingPump can pump water from a stream or river uphill as much as 82 feet and get up to 4000 gallons per day.

The highlifter can lift water as high as 1000 feet when fed with a fall of 140 feet.

Best of all, these pumps need no electricity or fuel. They operate from the power in the water flowing through them.

Dynamote Brutus “Pure Sine” Inverter

The Brutus inverter converts the output of a battery to 120 vac pure sine wave power to operate tools, communication equipment and lights. It is a great “whole house inverter”, because it has the power to run large induction motors, as well as a clean output for “buzz-free” audio and video.

We have several of these inverters that we used to power a 2 day Rock & Roll concert, where they performed flawlessly. Some are 3200 watt, 24 volt models and some are 2400 watt 12 volt models. Limited stock on hand.

Things that Work! tested by Home Power

30-501 Brutus 12V was $2295, NOW only $1800. 30-502 Brutus 24V was $2495, NOW only $1900.

Alternative Energy Engineering

Order Toll Free 1-800-777-6609

Do You Have A Copy Of Our 1993 Catalog and Design Guide?

Send $3.00 to get 112 pages of design and product information on photovoltaic , wind and hydroelectric power as well as inverters, batteries, lights, fans, motors, regulators, appliances, water heaters, composting toilets,

books and more.

Alternative Energy Engineering, Inc. P.O. Box 339-HP

Redway, CA 95560

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