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Organic Rankine Cycle

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Alternative Energy Engineering

1-800-777-6609 Ordering & Tech Support

Buy with confidence

We have over 2000 items to help you with your power system. We stock a variety of PV modules, wind generators and hydroelectric systems and our inventory of balance of systems equipment is one of the largest in the country. Best of all, our 15 years in business and experienced staff allows us to answer all of your questions.

We can ship anywhere in the world.

SOLEC 53 Watt Solar Modules Sale!

They have 36 single crystal cells so they are good for all battery charging and water pumping needs, including high temperature locations and alkaline batteries. They are made in the USA and they have a 10 year warranty.

11-705 Solec S53 Watt Modules $350

Help! We’re overstocked. Order before February 15, 1994 and Deduct $62. per module! The supply is limited.

Pay only $288. per module until February 15, 1994

High Power 12/24 Volt Battery Charger

12 Volts at 100 Amps or 24 Volts at 50 Amps

These chargers were made for the defense department in 1964, which explains why they are made so well. They can actually charge at 125 amps with no problem, but anything over 100 is on the red part of the ammeter scale. They were made to be power supplies for running battery powered equipment from generators, so they even have ripple filtering. We had to modify them slightly so that they would not draw current when connected to a battery and not turned on. The original cost to the federal government was over $1200.00 and they are brand new, still in their original packing.

They can operate on 120 or 240 vac. A pair of jumpers on the front panel allows configuration for 12 or 24 volt charging and a large knob on the front adjusts the actual output voltage. Raising the voltage increases the charging current. Voltage and current can be monitored with the large meters on the front panel.

We tested one on alkaline batteries and we were able to charge at 100 amps at up to 18 volts.

This makes them the best charger we have seen for nickel-iron and nickel-cadmium batteries.

If you are looking for a heavy duty fast charger for operation on generators, this is a great


A metal outlet box is mounted on the rear for connection of input power. Output cables

connect to wing nuts on the front panel. Output cables are not provided, order them



Solec S-53 Specifications

Power 53 Watts

Voltage (peak) 17.10 Volts Voltage (open circuit) 20.30 Volts

Current (peak) 3.10 Amps Current (short circuit) 3.40 Amps

Input Current (max): Output Current (max): Voltage Range:

24 amps @ 120 vac

14 amps @ 230 vac

100 amps @ 17.5 VDC

50 amps @ 35 VDC

11.5 to 17.5 VDC or

23 to 35 VDC

23 1/4”H x 19 3/8”W x 13 1/8”D 160pounds

Dimensions: Weight: 40-120

Battery charger 100 Amp $425. Shipped freight collect

Unbelievable Sale on Energy Saving Lamps

120 vac Circular Fluorescent Lights Super Energy Savings. This 22 watt Circline lamp gives you 100 watts of incandescent light, but uses less than 1/4 the energy.

Super long life—They last 10,000 hours, 13 times longer than their incandescent equivalent.

Advanced technology—The advanced electronic ballast provides silent operation.

Our regular price is $25. While supplies last, pay only $9.50 69-032 22 W Circular Fluorescent $9.50

Do You Have A Copy Of Our

Catalog And Design Guide?

Send $3.00 to get 112 pages full of design and product information on solar, wind and water power, inverters, batteries, lights, fans, motors, controls, appliances, water heaters, composting toilets, books and much more.

We hope it will be back from the printer by the time this ad comes out.

If you have purchased anything from us in the past two years, you will get a catalog automatically.

Alternative Energy Engineering, Inc. P.O.Box 339-HP

Redway, CA 95560

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