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Logan Brown and Mick Sagrillo

©1997 Logan Brown and Mick Sagrillo

at Preston’s wind generator fell from its tower and crashed onto the roof of her garage. This

occurred less than one year from when she had the wind/PV hybrid system installed at her Colorado home. Bolstered by a steadfast faith in renewable energy, and with technical assistance from Lake Michigan Wind & Sun and a passel of students from Solar Energy International, Pat has her wind/PV system flying again.

Why Renewable Energy?

Pat’s home is situated on a semi-arid plateau between Buena Vista and Salida, in central Colorado. There are few trees and a prevailing westerly wind that blows year-round, but hardest in the winter. The location provides an ideal solar site with an abundant wind resource. When asked why she chose renewable

6 Home Power #58 • April / May 1997

Left: The hard-worked crew, including Mick Sagrillo (left-front) and Pat Preston (third from right).

energy, Pat gives a quick answer, “Non-dependence on the grid.” Self-reliance coupled with an unwillingness to pay $12,500 plus for access to grid power enticed her to go solar. She intuitively valued a hybrid system because, “the wind and sun compliment each other so well.” A first-time independent energy producer, Pat initially felt leery about RE system maintenance and operation. “I’m computer and technology illiterate. But after living with the system for a short time, I became comfortable with it.”

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