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Please click on the link to see examples of the .pdf scanned pages.  You will notice that some scans are barely legible.  That is because the original document was poorly scanned.  Some pages from the original document are missing, others are very hard to read.


Many publications were printed out from microfiche.  Some have text that is very hard to read.  Some have pages missing.  Many of the copied photographs did not scan.  However the data enclosed represents millions of dollars of research and development, and can be applied to today's projects.

You may order via Credit Card via PayPal, or we will send you an invoice for wire.  Please request an invoice in an email along with the titles of the documents you wish to receive.


ORC Publications For Sale:

Infinity Turbine LLC has purchased archived ORC documents from the US Government and has scanned them into .pdf format.

The process:

  1. 1. Order and pay for documents from US Gov printing office.

  2. 2.Remove binding from document.

  3. 3.Separate pages.

  4. 4.Scan and print reverse side printed page.

  5. 5.Collate pages.

  6. 6.Scan entire document into .pdf format.

  7. 7.Catalogue and index documents.

How to Purchase:

Documents less than $500 are available via PayPal and credit card order.  There is a online ordering system.

If you would like to purchase in another format, please email Infinity Turbine for an invoice and payment may be via wire or other methods.

Once payment is received, you will receive a email with the publication attached, or via a download link (depending on size) that will be active for 24 hours.

All sales are final. 

No refunds.

ORC Publications

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