Build Your Own Brand 50 kW ORC


IT50 Turbine - ORC Platform

Top Markets For Waste Heat to Power (Organic Rankine Cycle)

  1. Diesel Engine Waste Heat

  2. Turbine Exhaust

  3. Biomass Boiler

  4. Outdoor Wood Boiler

  5. Hot Geothermal Water (>80 C)

  6. Hot Springs

  7. Reclaimed Smokestack Heat

  8. Compressor Waste Heat

  9. Solar Thermal Collector Heat

  10. Coiled Black Tubing Solar Heat

  11. Remote Power

  12. Gold Mines

  13. Cement Plant Waste Heat

  14. Ship Engine Waste Heat

  15. Chiller Waste Heat

  16. AC Refrigeration Waste Heat

  17. Supermarket Freezer Chiller Waste Heat

  18. Microturbine Waste Heat - Direct Fired into A Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

  19. Distributed power generation

•Onsite generation at point of use

•Military power systems

•Transportation propulsion systems

•High energy-consumption sites

•High energy-cost markets

•Facility base-load power

•Peak shaving

•Sites isolated from grid power

•Utility substation generation

•Combined heat and power (CHP)

  1. Environmental and energy service company (EESCO) installations

• Oil and Gas Well Heat Recovery

Other Industrial Applications:


flare gas

waste heat power

waste heat


Lumber dry kilns



enhanced geothermal

reinjected water

Absorption Chillers

Adsorption Chillers

Automated Demand Response

Biodiesel Refineries

Biofuel Refineries

Biomass Gasification


Concentrating Solar Power

Demand Response Programs

Demand Side Management

Engine Driven Chillers

Fuel Cell Waste Heat

Solar CHP

Solar Cogeneration

Solar Heating and Cooling

Solar Trigeneration


Cement Plants


Dry Kilns

Production of ice

Fresh Water Desalination


Use Our Large ORC Turbine To Build Your Own Brand Organic Rankine Cycle Machine


Infinity Turbine ® has developed its own large ORC turbine over the past three years.  Infinity is now offering that turbine technology to developers who want to build and sell their own brand.

Depending on the flow rate and pressure, you may develop up to 60 kw/hr gross power output when connected to a generator. When you subtract the ORC system feedpump, you may have 50 kw/hr net power output.  Power output will vary depending on your thermal liquid heat temperature and flow rate (i.e. btu delivered to evaporator).

The heart of any ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) system is the turbine/expander.  We've tried to convert off-the-shelf rotary screw compressors, air motors, turbo-chargers, scroll compressors and a host of other compressor/expanders to work with refrigerants, but found that we had to design our own.

Now we're offering our technology to you.  You buy the expander (with gearbox and generator), we supply the support, and you supply the components and assembly, then use yourself of sell to others.  The medium ORC market is huge.

Infinity Turbine Offers the Following:

Turbine Package (call or email for price):

  1. -Turbine / Expander

  2. -Gearbox

  3. -Generator (optional 50/60 hz 300-480 V)

Basic ORC System Assembly Plans and Consulting Package (call or email for price):

  1. -Parts List

  2. -Where to Buy Parts

  3. -Phone and Email Support (30 days included)

  4. -Custom Drawing/Draftsman Services for $60/hr

  5. -Basic ORC Manual

Additional Services:

  1. -Remote Monitoring

  2. -PLC Control and Monitoring

  3. -ORC Design, CAD/CAM Drawings

  4. -Training

  5. -Start-up and Commissioning

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ORC Equipment Manufacturing:

  1. 1. What type heat exchangers can I use ? Answer: We recommend the shell and tube type heat exchangers.  While you can use flat plate style, you will need multiple units that in the end cost more because of more plumbing and installation. 

  2. 2.Can I use any heat transfer additives in my heat exchangers to increase the efficiency of the operation ?  Answer:  Yes,  you can use a nano-fluid additive to refrigerants, which in laboratory studies have shown a 50-200 percent increase in the transfer of heat in tank-type (shell and tube) heat exchangers.

  3. 3.Do you need an expensive controller ?  Answer:  You can easily automate the ORC system with many off-the-shelf readily available PLC controllers, including remote monitoring for cell phone or internet monitoring and control.

  4. 4.Other than heat exchangers, what components do I need ?   Answer:  The main components are the evaporator and condenser heat exchanger, the working fluid (refrigerant) feedpump, the expander (turbine) gearbox and generator.  You need to plumb the system together with piping. You can modify the system even further by putting on a servo-controlled valve on the input heat flow, to control the operation of the turbine and the system. Finally, you will want to weld together a frame or skid that completes the system as a integral unit.  You can paint that system your company colors and affix your logo to the side.

  5. 5.What is the temperature range of the standard ORC systems ?  Answer:  80-120 C.  If you have extremely cold condenser water (like in Alaska in the winter) it's possible to go down to 50 or 60 C input heat using R134a. If you have ASME coded heat exchangers with the proper rating, you may be able to operate up to 180 C with R245fa or other working fluids.  This may increase your efficiency overall.

  6. 6. Where is the turbine built and can you ship anywhere in the world ? Answer: The turbine is built in Canada and can be exported to most countries.

  7. 7. What kind or working fluids can I use, and how much do I need ?   For a shell-and-tube type system, you will need about 500 lbs.  While you can use a variety of working fluids (refrigerants), we have only used R134a (temp range below 90C or 200F) and R245fa (above 90 C).  R134a used above 200F will pressurize above 200 psi. Please refer to those refrigerant temperature vs. pressure charts for typical pressures at various temperatures.

  8. 8. What are my options to provide cooling for the condenser ? You can use a variety of options, including by not limited to the following: (1) air cooled condenser, (2) cooling tower, (3) radiator, (4) ground source geothermal, (5) pool water, (6) well water.

  9. 9.Can you supply the parts if we cannot find them locally ? Yes, we can supply all the parts.

  10. 10. Do other ORC manufacturers keep ORC machines in stock ?   No.  ORC machines are built to order by most manufacturers.  Some have a backlog of up to two years.  Most have a delivery time of around 4-12 months.

  11. 11. Do the ORC machines require an attendant like high pressure steam generation plants ? No. ORC machines are similar to chillers which do not require an attendant.  In the USA it is mandatory to have a qualified steam engineering on-hand for steam turbines that operate above 15 psi.

  12. 12. Can the exhaust from the turbine be used in cogeneration ?   Yes.  You can put in a intermediary heat exchanger to utilize the energy from the exiting turbine to heat water, provide heat to a HVAC adsorption chiller, or provide hot air. It could also be used to power heat based fresh water makers (desalination units).

  13. 13. Other than your ORC turbine, which is custom made, are the other components available off-the-shelf commercially ?   Yes.  Although the shell and tube heat exchangers are best ordered from a mfg. who builds refrigeration grade ASME coded units.

  14. 14. If we build our own ORC system under our brand, will you provide us with technical support, and will you help train us so that we can go to our customers to perform start-up and commissioning ?  Yes.  We have several options to assist you in training your personnel.

  15. 15. How many manufacturers are there in the ORC industry, and how big is the market ?  There are only a few larger ORC manufacturers.  Just Google ORC or waste heat turbine to see the results.  Some have a backlog of two years.  The waste heat market is huge, and it has not been even remotely tapped yet.

  16. 16. If we want to buy sales leads, can you provide them, or provide leads from your website ?  Yes, we can provide leads.  Please see our Market and Display Your Brand Here.

  17. 17. If we use your services and your turbine, can we put up our own brand on your website for a fee ? We can also provide you with your own page on our website for instant referrals. Since we have had this website for over three years, we have some of the best Google page rankings when searches are done for ORC, waste heat turbine and other key words. You can get started immediately, and start generating sales and income.    Please see our Market and Display Your Brand Here.

  1. 18. Can we use Google AdWords to point customers to our webpage on your site ?  Yes.  Specifically, we can target your country, or your specific audience (customers) with key words that point directly to your page.    Please see our Market and Display Your Brand Here.

  1. 19. Can we obtain an exclusive for our country or territory ?  You can get the competitive advantage by being the first in your country to build ORC turbines powered by the Infinity Turbine expander.   Please see our Market and Display Your Brand Here.

  1. 20. Can you build equipment for us, if we do not have the facilities to assemble the ORC package ?   Yes, we can do the full builds, including painting and applying your logo to the equipment.

  2. 21. What if I want to use my own logo - do you have logo design services ?    Yes, we have a in-house design firm that can work with you to develop a logo.  Please click here for more information.